Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sisters - Textures and Normal Maps update

Hello, this is a quick update on Sisters textures. In this post I'll compare some textures I've been working on this week, hopefully it can be improved.

I'm learning how to make Normal Maps and use Bumped Diffuse/Specular textures to make a more realistic environment. Normal maps are used to fake lighting, creating bumps and making the texture have a 3D look.

Here are some before/after screenshots to notice the difference. Click to enlarge.

Blood - Transparent/Bumped Specular texture slighly shinning. 

Walls - Bumped Diffuse texture

Walls, Floor, Roof - Bumped Diffuse texture

Walls, Gates - Bumped Diffuse wall and Bumped Specular gate high level of shininess 

Walls, Floor, Roof - Bumped Diffuse textures

Well, I made custom normal maps of all my current textures and this is the final result. I hope it gives a more realistic look and immersion to the game.

This changes aren't applied at the current game version, I'll release a new version soon.