Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sisters - Textures and Normal Maps update

Hello, this is a quick update on Sisters textures. In this post I'll compare some textures I've been working on this week, hopefully it can be improved.

I'm learning how to make Normal Maps and use Bumped Diffuse/Specular textures to make a more realistic environment. Normal maps are used to fake lighting, creating bumps and making the texture have a 3D look.

Here are some before/after screenshots to notice the difference. Click to enlarge.

Blood - Transparent/Bumped Specular texture slighly shinning. 

Walls - Bumped Diffuse texture

Walls, Floor, Roof - Bumped Diffuse texture

Walls, Gates - Bumped Diffuse wall and Bumped Specular gate high level of shininess 

Walls, Floor, Roof - Bumped Diffuse textures

Well, I made custom normal maps of all my current textures and this is the final result. I hope it gives a more realistic look and immersion to the game.

This changes aren't applied at the current game version, I'll release a new version soon. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sisters - Alpha Version

It's been a long time since I last posted, although I'm not very active here at the blog, Sisters development is progressing a lot. I worked hard the past weeks and released an Alpha version of the game.

New foliage, trees and 3D models. Click to enlarge.

There are a lof of new features, I'll list and explain in detail the changes.

Items - A whole set of items were added to the game, a holy water bottle, bible, some notes, a teddy bear and a key. Not all items have functions yet, but you can still pick them up and use some of them. Some items have a random respawn point, the item might not be at the same place on your next play through.

Textures and Models - I changed some of the textures and 3D models, rebuilt some walls and adjusted resolutions. I'm trying to diversify and use perfecly seamless textures to the walls and stuff. 

Foliage - The alpha version doesn't have much fooliage and diversity, but I'm currently working on new trees and grass, trying to make the atmosphere more immersive and close to reality.

Lighting - It's been pointed out that this alpha version is too dark. When you are walking on a grass field at night (doesn't happen too often, but just imagine), you can still see the floor and grass, that's why I added a moonlight. Moonlight is not in the current alpha version but it will be added soon, along with the new foliage.

Tree's shadows casted because of the moonlight. Click to enlarge.

Sounds - New sounds were added to make the game more realistic and immersive. There are some sounds still missing but I'm working on it. 

Cutscenes - Intro cutscene is now officially in the game. I might make some small changes here and there, but it's pretty much done. Next step on this matter is make the ending cutscenes, which will take a lot of time and effort due to my lack of skills.

Mechanics - There are some new mechanics, most of them are related to the game ending. Ritual mechanics and some triggers were added to the final area.

Check the website below for more information and to play the game:
follow the game profile to recieve the latests news of Sisters.