Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sisters - The Ritual v.2.0 Patch Notes and Update

This is it, I finally fixed all the bugs of the previous version and added a lot of more features to the game.

I'm very excited to see people's reactions and feedback about the new version, there's a lot of effort put into it. With no more further ado, the patch notes:

Sisters - The Ritual v.2.0 alpha

Patch Notes:
  • Added Original Soundtrack
  • 'Catacombs' rooms revised
  • Reworked the AI mechanics (use your flashlight well)
  • Added more scary events
  • Added 2 endings (without the cutscene)
  • Removed camera animation from main menu screen
  • Added 'hints' in the beginning of the game
  • Added colliders on the starting area for better guidance for new players
  • Ritual mechanics fully functioning
  • Sisters textures changed
  • Added new furniture
  • Reworked stamina mechanics
  • Removed lower quality settings (causing a lot of problems on lighting and performance)
  • Added new option on the main menu (change quality settings in-game and info/controls)
  • Added two new options on the in-game menu (manual sound volume and track name)
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes.
New main menu

Thats a pretty big list, I'm proud of this progress and it's very close to a final project now.

Link to download:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sisters - Original Sountrack, Updates and Gameplay Videos

Hello guys, it's been a VERY busy month and I couldn't write what's happening to the game here. There are some exciting news about what's coming next on Sisters.

I'm very happy to announce that Sisters is just a few steps away from an ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK! Yes, that's right, a completely original and specially made for the game by Andy Solace, you can check out some of the tracks here:

I'm still implementing the tracks to the game, not all of them are finished. But I must say, it's looking good.

A couple of days ago I received a message from a player at Game Jolt, he said he played the game and recorded it, he is a very nice guy and sounded really excited about playing it. He made three videos, three different playthroughs, discovered all the mysteries and in the final video, finally beat the game! I think he is the first one to do so and record it.

It was an amazing experience for me to watch those videos, seeing my game being played and people actually enjoying it, I can't describe the feeling. Also it's helping me a lot to fix bugs and game design problems, there are a lot of things that I didn't predict from players that I need to change. So, for the next version, I think the game beginning might change a little bit, I'll try to make it more friendly and don't let the player start to wander around without knowing anything about their goals.

Well, I'll put the links to the videos here, the first part is the one he gets to know the game, get used to the mechanics and the atmosphere:     

The second part he progress through the game and start finding items and solving some 'puzzles':

And finally, the third part where he find the items, solve the puzzles, curse me when get jump scared, and sings like a hero while he beats the game:

I'll work on bugs fixes, minor updates, text revising/hints, and inserting the tracks into the game for the next weeks. After I finish these steps, I'll start implementing the new areas and the game endings. Wish me luck!

As usual, if you want to download and play the game, check the link below: