Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sisters - The Ritual v.2.0 Patch Notes and Update

This is it, I finally fixed all the bugs of the previous version and added a lot of more features to the game.

I'm very excited to see people's reactions and feedback about the new version, there's a lot of effort put into it. With no more further ado, the patch notes:

Sisters - The Ritual v.2.0 alpha

Patch Notes:
  • Added Original Soundtrack
  • 'Catacombs' rooms revised
  • Reworked the AI mechanics (use your flashlight well)
  • Added more scary events
  • Added 2 endings (without the cutscene)
  • Removed camera animation from main menu screen
  • Added 'hints' in the beginning of the game
  • Added colliders on the starting area for better guidance for new players
  • Ritual mechanics fully functioning
  • Sisters textures changed
  • Added new furniture
  • Reworked stamina mechanics
  • Removed lower quality settings (causing a lot of problems on lighting and performance)
  • Added new option on the main menu (change quality settings in-game and info/controls)
  • Added two new options on the in-game menu (manual sound volume and track name)
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes.
New main menu

Thats a pretty big list, I'm proud of this progress and it's very close to a final project now.

Link to download: