Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sisters Huge Update - Storyline, new download links and Week of Horror!

It's been some time since the last update. I've been pretty busy on personal stuff and couldn't find time to write new posts. Although the released version is still the same, the project is far ahead and I'm almost finishing one of the game endings, yes, one of them.
That being said, there are some huge updates I need to talk about, most of them regarding the game story (thanks Andy!). I'm trying to get Sisters to participate the Week of Horror event, so I wrote this small document and divided in small sections to keep it organized and easy to read.

Also, I finally found a better way to upload my game versions. I created a profile on GameJolt for Sisters, I'll be uploading the game there and linking the download page here. Now it's completely secure and I no longer need to keep heavy files sitting at my Dropbox account. The link will be at the end of the post, as usual.

Hope you enjoy it, if you have any ideas just contact me.

Sisters is a mix of successful horror concepts all into a singular horror game. It has a strong storyline/backstory, full game immersion characteristics, randomness factor to surprise the players, high replay value(multiple endings), puzzle solving and of course, jump scares.

The game is designed to be short, you can beat it in less than one hour. To make a fair tradeoff to this factor, a couple of endings are possible, so the game has more than one way to be completed. The story will change accordingly to the player's decisions and actions.

Sisters - They are watching you.

There are some information regarding the current version of the game, it's a pre-alpha prototype to test immersion, environment, enemy AI and some small features. All the notes, licenses and known bugs are included on the game download (README.txt and the Licenses folder).
Keep in mind that most of the information given below is not fully implemented yet, since the game is on a early stage of development.

In Sisters you play a man that calls himself “Father”. In the first cutscene he explains why he is there and what are his reasons and objectives.

He mastered the ritual of exorcism long time ago and developed a strong sense of evil presence. The place caught his attention because it exuded negativity, he felt attracted to it, a strong urge to cleanse the area. He is devoting his life in this mission and he won't stop until the evil entities that haunt the place are gone, back to the hell they spawned from.

Mid-game and play through
At start, your only item is a flashlight. Use that to explore the areas and find the other items you will need in order to complete the game. There are several items spread around the map, most of them are items used in the exorcism ritual (cross, bible, etc), well, most of them. You will also find some notes explaining some of the story and giving 'hints'.

While exploring you need to be careful, or they will find you. The girls are always looking for you..

The premise of the game is that the spirits are immortal unless bound to a physical object, their vessel on the real world. Spirits will only attach themselves to objects that once they considered important or special. Once they are bound to an object, you can successfully perform the ritual and finally banish them.
The end of the story depends on your play through. But don't expect happy outcomes to this particular story.


The game version is the same as the last post. (working hard on the next release, soon enough)
Link to download the lastest playable version of the game:
GameJolt - Sisters  - just hit the download button, it will automatically detect and download the game for your operational system.
Keep in mind that the game is still under development, so there will be bugs. Read 'readme.txt' file before playing for more info.