Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog's statistics & content review

Now that the blog is running for almost a month, I can start improving the blog based on viewer's statistics and some feedback given by a few people who contacted me.

My pageviews by operating systems are 62% Macs, 26% Windows, 1% Linux and some amount % of Mobile OS. Those numbers made me realize that I didn't even released a version of Sisters for Mac users, my main viewer's OS. I'll fix this on the next post and add some gameplay content as well. 

Pageviews by Operating Systems infograph - 14/10/2014

It's been pointed out that my blog explains the progression and changes I make to the game Sisters, but most of that is just theory and thoughts. There is no actually mention about the gameplay. I'll work on that on my next post, I'll try to record a video, show some features, explain areas, etc. From now on I'll balance the post's content about game theory/progression and gameplay material.

I still need to figure out how to record and edit videos, make something decent and will upload it as soon as I can.