Saturday, May 23, 2015

Roguaholic - Project is now Complete!

Roguaholic is finally complete! You can play and download the full version HERE. (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Gameplay screenshot

I'm also testing something new, a WebGL build. There is a HTML player on the game page and the game should work just like the standalone client. I can't seem to find the solution for a bug where if you click outsite the game window, you can't get it focused again and reloading the page is necessary.

The final version of the game has all the previous features and more:
Endless gameplay with increasing difficulty.
Online leaderboards for GameJolt users.

Hover over an Item or Floor Status to see its description.
New health representation besides hitpoints number.
Gamelog fixed, lines should be wrap inside the box.
Toggle Sound button. (not working on HTML build)

4 Floor modifiers: 
Darkness - Lights off.
Inverse Controls - Horizontal is now Vertical.
Trippy - Each step you get random + hitpoints. (Random range is -5 to +5)
Double Sized Floor - Double the floor size, also the walls and food.

4 Achievements:
Immortal (Bronze) - Player's health higher than 300 hitpoints.
Score Freak (Silver) - Player's score higher than 100.000 points.
Underworld (Gold) - Get to the 30th floor.
Full Set Knigt (Platinum) - Equip the full set of items.

5 Items:
Helmet - Increases the light radius for darkness floors. Durability: Inifinite.
Armor  - Regenerates 10 health everytime you reach an exit from a floor. Durabilty: 3 floors.
Boots   - Prevents damage taken from walking. Durability: 20 steps.
Shield  - Absorbs 20 damage from enemies. Durability 20 damage.
Sword  - Double your attack damage, one hit walls. Durability: 5 attacks.

2 Enemies:
Skeleton - Attacks for 10 damage.
Necromancer - Attacks for 20 damage.

Thanks everyone who supported and watched the developement of the game live. I appreciate every comment and feedback.
Again, this game is based on this TUTORIAL

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