Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Roguaholic and TwitchTV

This update post has two exciting news, I'm currently working on a project called Roguaholic AND streaming it live. Roguaholic is a simple 2D turn based roguelike game where you need to reach the exit of each level/room while picking up items, gathering food and avoiding evil creatures. 
Roguaholic banner
The goal is survive as long as you can. In order to do that you need to keep in mind that each step you take costs your life, I mean.. literally. The rules are pretty simple:  
  • Each step costs 1 hitpoints.
  • You can't attack the enemies, you need to avoid them.
  • Move towards the skull boxes twice to destroy them. If you are lucky, sometimes you'll get a reward for that.
  • There is a small inventory that automatically equips every item you get. Hover the mouse over them to see the item description. The little number over the items represent their durability, if that number reaches zero, they break.
  • There is a score system to reward every action you make, the game score system is connected to GameJolt Leaderboards page, so your score will be on the online ranking.

After a certain level, each room has a chance to get a modifier to it. For now there are just two of them, Darkness and Inverse Controls.
Level Status: Darnkess

 It's a really simple project inspired on the Roguelike Unity Tutorial. It's a lot less complex compared to Sisters and it should be complete very soon.
I've been streaming the development of the game live on TwitchTV, stop by sometime to chat or just listen to some music. Follow the channel to know when I'm online!