Thursday, September 25, 2014

#1 - Introduction to Game Developing

I first started trying to make games about 5 months ago, it was very casual. As science computer student, my goal was just learn how the C language works. I had to study the subject 'Data Structures' and my teacher was using C, I was clueless at that time... So I decided to study at home in order to succeed.

My first thought at that time was to make a game. A simple Turn-based C game where you create a character and battle creatures inside an arena. Guess what, I called it Arena. Type your option on the console, attack, use skills, level up and that's it.

Arena - C

The project is abandoned but the game is working, it's buggy but you can still save/load your character and level up until you are strong enough to kill the final boss, the Behemoth.
I was very satisfied in the end, learned a bit of C, got something working, good grades on the subject and a brand-new game for me to play.

That was just the start, after this first try I decided to learn Java. My goal was the same as the first time, study the subject of object-oriented languages. But this time, I decided to go further, 
ArenaGame 2D RPG in Java was born. 

ArenaGame 2D - Java

I started by following The Cherno's tutorial on java game programming. I watched the whole series in 3 weeks, the goal was to make a game from scratch, engine, mechanics, etc. To be honest, at start I was just copying code and trying to understand what was going on, but after several weeks working on this project, my Java language skills improved a lot and I found myself solving problems, writing code on my own, implementing features, things that I couldn't think of doing before, but this is a story for another post.

Finally I reached where I am today, still eager to learn more about game programming and currently working on a couple of projects. All my projects involving game development will be recorded here, so I can share/gain experience and when I finally finish each of them, I get to see the progress made, the problems I faced, how I managed to solve those problems and so on. 

More posts will come soon, I intend to do a couple of posts for each project, explaining in detail what is it about and showing the progress so far. Hopefully I can keep going with this and make it work.

Feel free to give any feedbacks.